Adaptation to Climate Change

Training for climate change resilience

Help at hand for organisations seeking to build climate change resilience

An international authority on mitigating the effects of climate change, Climate Sense has joined forces with Learning & Development Associates (L&DA), a leading training provider to the UK water sector, to roll out the newly accredited Adaptation to Climate Change qualifications.

Climate Sense, the UK’s representatives at the writing of the first ever international standards on climate change, and L&DA, well-established providers of higher-level education, qualifications and assessment of competence in the water sector, have proudly launched the much-anticipated Level 3 and Level 5 Adaptation to Climate Change qualifications, with the first course expected to be delivered in September 2021. The two companies also plan to hold a free-to-attend webinar in August 2021, to offer organisations a preview of course content.

The new qualifications, which consist of the Level 3 Award in Understanding Adaptation to Climate Change, and the Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Adaptation to Climate Change, are the first programmes of their kind available within this increasingly critical subject and have been developed to support the implementation of climate-resilient actions across all sectors.

In a joint interview on the launch of the new qualifications, Doogie Black, Lead Analyst and one of the founding directors at Climate Sense, commented: “Adaptation to Climate Change grew out of two decades of experience in building climate change resilience. What people have to understand is that no matter how well we manage emissions now, we are locked into certain elements of climate change.

“These qualifications are designed to help organisations understand the impact climate change is already having on them and what they need to do to make themselves resilient to the very different climate of the future.

“A key focus is the measurement and development of the adaptive capacity of organisations, their people and their systems, and making sure adaptation to climate change is being embedded in the decision-making processes in the most constructive way.”

Commenting on the role of L&DA in the roll out of the new qualifications, Glenn Jackson, Managing Director, said: “Learning & Development Associates has a wealth of experience in the delivery of national framework qualifications within the water and environmental industries and we are delighted to have formed a partnership with Climate Sense.

“A subject that we as the water industry pay very close attention to is climate change and resilience. We live in a planet known as the ‘water world’ and water is arguably the most important thing that we need to be careful about, look after, and preserve.

“The launch of the new qualifications presents an opportunity to both the UK and global water sector to enhance resilience capability and adapt to an already changing climate.”

Further information about the Adaptation to Climate Change qualifications and upcoming course dates is available here.

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